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App is locked up

I have used this app for a few years now with no problems. Today I tried to open the app to look at my birthday list and I was able to. All it would do is show me the birthday that was today in the pop up screen when you open the app. When I would hit the x to close it it would take a long time to go away then the main screen was locked up & the pop up screen would return. I have faith you will fix this and I can return to being a satisfied customer!

Used to be great until I upgraded my iPhone!

I loved this app, until recently. Very handy & easy to use. Now that I have upgraded my iPhone it no longer shows the ages of the people over 9 yrs old. Does not show double or triple digits. 😞 Please fix this for us.

Why did you mess up a good app?!

This was a good app until you added the ads!!! Now I can no longer view my birthdays. I'm deleting this app!!!

Birthday List

I just upgraded to IOS 6 and it doesn't work anymore. Many other users have the same problem. Is there a plan to fix this ?

Birthday List

Not working now with update

No longer works

Was a good app till upgraded to iOS 6. Now it won't even open

Birthday List

What is going on? I use this program all of the time to keep track of my family and friends birthdays. Now, all of a sudden, I can no longer use Birthday List. I click on the icon, it acts like it will open, then it shuts down. I have even deleted the icon and reloaded it, but the same thing still occurs.


Please update to IOS6. It crashes and I use to love this app NOW it doesn't work at all

Needs a fix

This app was great, c'mon guys fix it already!

Money back

Too bad there's not a way to give negative stars. Although it was free, I should get money for wasting my time.

Need Update

Love this app. But it won't even open since I updated my iPhone. Please create a fix soon.

Birthday List

Ever since I upgraded, the app does not work. I have deleted it and installed 3 times. Please fix the bug. This is the best birthday app out there.

love this app

I've been loving this app for couple years. Simple but useful. It's crash on new OSD: please please fix it soon:) thank you

Needs update

Have used and loved this app for at least 2 years but now it crashes with the new OS. Please fix it soon.


This app was great prior to the IOS 6 update and now it won't open at all. I deleted and added it back but it keeps crashing.

Good app!

It is good app! Wish I could add birthdates directly into it, then it will be great. Would like to add chilren's birthdates without putting in my contact.

Works good

It does exactly what it says it will and is free! To those stating it doesn't work - you need to open your Contacts & add the birthday info there. Then, open this app to see them all displayed together in a clean, condensed format.


It's very simple app. Once you add your birthdate through contact add field Birthday, you can see the list on this app as organized . Thanks for the app and is free.

Waste of time!!!!!

What the heck! Dumb app can't add birthdays! If I could I would put zero stars!


You can't even add birthdays to it. 💩

Straightforward … Works fine

This app does exactly what it says. I'm using it with iCloud with no problem. There is an ad-banner on the main page, but since the app is free, I can live with that. The only downside I can see is that while it is listed on your iPhone as "Birthday List" (and searchable that way) it appears with Japanese characters toward the bottom of my iTunes list of apps. However, again, the app is free. Free.


It's horrible.


Doesn't work


Doesn't work. Gone!

Dosnt work

When I downloaded the app it wouldn't work

This would be greater with pop up reminders

I love this app it's simple to use and organize, what i would die to see in here are reminders that pop up with sound reminding you of someone's birthday, that would be awesome! but other than that the app is still cool


Doesn't work

Bad update

First time after update the app crashed and all pictures from my contact list was erased. Please fix!

Used to be good

Now, after the update, won't even load. The list of my groups appears, but then the app crashes everytime. I rebooted my iPhone but the issue persists. Help!

Birthday List

I had problems with the birthdays not appearing on the app but the worse was after the update. The entire app would not work. My suggestion is if you do download, don't do the update.


To add people, add the birthday field in your contacts then choose which group of contacts you want to use. Now, my problem. Some, most all, of my contacts the birthdays are showing off by one day. When I tap on the person it shows contact info and correct date, but on the birthday list they are one day off.


How do u use it?????

shake, shake! or you won

it's really cute!! i love this app. almost the best one! cuz, i often forget my friend's b-day. and if you shake this app.... there are all of my family, friends, colleagues, ahaha its just like twitter but i update it to 1.1.3, its opening slow down. it say "looking for birthday..." it never seen before.


This app does NOTHING! You download it and immediately problems occur. It will not let you enter birthdays, edit groups, or access your contact list. Not worth the download. Doesn't even deserve one star.


Can't add birthdays and it don't pull all the ones from my contacts!!


It was working great but now the app won't even open up. I spent 3 days putting about 300 contacts and birthdays in (from our restaurants mailing list) and now the app won't open. Arrrrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Needs more options

I'd love to see an app that u can ADD your own bdays and edit them! This u can do NOTHING..

Crashes every time I lunch it.

Not so nice.


Works great. Just add birthday field to a person in your contacts and app will summarize that info.


how do u add people? it would be great if u could add people and their birthdays. its a good thing its free cause its horrible


How can I add people?!?!

Works great

To add a birthday, simply add it to your contacts. Having no problems with crashing. Four stars because it shows current age, not the age they are turning.


Can someone help me, how do u turn this thing on?

I'm shaking my head

Like people, how do you add people!


Okay I can't add people and there bdays either! How do u add people?!?!?!'


How do I add people and their bdays

Good thing its free

Got it tried it it wouldnt open so i deleted it apple really needs to take time snd look at some if these apps that wont work

b'day double entered

after last update i have all b'day double! how can i remove it?

Glad it's free

I got it and tryed to open it, but it wouldn't open!!!!!!


I have one word for this app. Garbage!

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